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Eliminate manual work with BotsWith AI’s automation. Save money by reducing staff and associated costs.

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You can also use our 3rd Party OpenAi Apps to Satisfy your Requirements.


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Save time and Convert your idea into a fully working project using our Monthly Drag and Drop Builder

We are a top-class digital product studio composed of 4+ senior engineers and designers with backgrounds from: UI/UX, Full Stack Dev, APIs, Backend Integrations, and more, and have grown products from $0 to $70K+ in revenue

Engineered for efficiency, optimized for your business

Our Past Work

Chatander AI

Designing and developing the first ever OpenAI Tool for Copywriting with 40+ templates to choose from.

Maso AI Tool

Took part in developing the full stack operations and fully functional features for MasoAI’s OpenAI Tool

Meta OpenAI Platform

Designing and developing Meta AI. Integrated OpenAI API + Designed ChatBots Templates, Text Content Templates, AI images functionality.

Poadio - Podcasting Platform

Play, Share, Sell And Make Money From Podcasts. Upload your podcast shows, let fans tip and buy your episodes, host paid premium podcasts, sell your podcast merch.

Fasta CV Generating Tool

Engineered the full functionality for the Resume Generating Tool + Parsing functionality to allow users Create resumes and Parse their resumes automatically using AI

How It Works

Here are 5 easy steps on how BotsWithAI Tool Works for you.

2. Subscribe, Add Your Project Details

2. Subscribe, Add Your Project Details

Set up your project Management Board.

Once you subscribe to our plan, you will add your project requirements to your Trello Board. This will include: Uploading designs, outlining functionality, and providing all necessary details for the project. We will guide you on this as well.

3. Create Your Project Tasks

3. Create Your Project Tasks

We create your tasks and set up Weekly Sprints.

We breakdown your project details into actionable development tasks. Your assigned developer will then create a weekly Sprint cycle containing multiple tasks that will be due by end week. Each task throughout the week will be reviewed and marked as complete.

4. Request Unlimited Revisions

4. Request Unlimited Revisions

Once the task is reviewed, it is marked as completed.

We revise each task until you are 100% happy. Once you approve the task, we move onto the next and each week a new sprint will be created comprising of new tasks due by end week. Each weekly task will be reviewed upon completion.

5. Track, Manage Progress

5. Track, Manage Progress

Watch as we bring your idea into life…

Simply login and track your projects using Trello. We make it easy to review tasks, assign revisions, add comments, view links and share new details with your developer. We understand that development needs can fluctuate. That’s why you can pause your subscription if you have no tasks and resume when you do.

What We Do Best

Business Management

Develop your own custom internal business management application.

Artificial Intelligence

Develop simple to advanced Artificial Intelligence applications using Large Language OpenAI, Stable Diffussion APIs and Models.

Custom CRM Systems

Develop Custom CRM Systems for your business tailored specifically to your clients. No more 3rd Party Apps.

Workflow Automation

Streamline your business processes by automating tasks and workflows with AI

SAAS Development

Develop your software application MVP faster than ever. Speed is your friend.

Custom AI Chatbots

Build custom knowledge based AI chatbot systems that can be applied with a variety of use cases.

Custom Websites

Create a unique and visually appealing website tailored to your brand.

App Designs (UI/UX)

Design Beautiful, Responsive UI/UX wireframes for your software application and branding assets.

Software Maintenance

Let us take care of your software upkeep, from bugs to changes, or even custom additional features.

API integrations

We will help you integrate your software or system with almost any 3rd party application.

Chrome Extensions

Develop simple to advanced chrome extensions that can connect to your app or standalone.

Web3 Development

Build on the blockchain using our webs3 developers for smart contracts, token-getting, and more.

Pricing Plan

One subscription, unlimited possibilities. Our pricing model is as clear and straightforward as it can get.

Pay a simple, flat monthly subscription fee and unlock unlimited access to our No Code Software development solutions. No hidden charges, no additional fees. You are in full control of cancelling or pausing your subscription at anytime.

Enjoy unlimited requests, revisions, and tasks. This means we won’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied with our software solutions.

Have no development tasks to add? Simply pause your subscription and reactivate when you do!

Monthly Plan $4,995/mo


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Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re looking to convert your idea or optimize your project requirements, our platform has you covered.

What makes your agency different from other agencies?

Our agency specializes in using AI technologies to create intelligent, efficient, and personalized solutions for our clients. We believe that AI is the future of web development, and we are committed to staying ahead of the curve.

What type of clients do you support or work with?

We work with businesses across a wide range of industries but mainly we build saas websites that utilize OpenAI APIs

Any real-time duration for project execution?

The timeline for building a website can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Our team will work with you to establish a timeline that meets your specific needs.

Do you offer any after development support?

We offer ongoing support to our clients after their website is launched. This includes troubleshooting, updates, and maintenance as needed for an extra cost.

Could you describe the security measures you support?

We take website security very seriously and take every possible measure to ensure that our websites are safe and secure. This includes using the latest security technologies and protocols and regularly monitoring and updating websites to prevent vulnerabilities.

How do i get Started with the On-Boarding?

To get started, simply fill out our Type form to schedule a consultation. We will work with you to understand your needs and develop a tailored solution that meets your goals.

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